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Audio, Video & Automation Info for Builders

Home Audio & Video WiringNow is the time to distinguish yourself from other builders by enhancing the desirability of your homes through a variety of upgrades.  Now you can elevate the value and redefine the meaning of home entertainment, networking and lifestyle.  Win home buyers by offering them exciting options which include the design and installation of:

  • Home Automation and Control
  • Whole House Music and Video
  • Lighting Control Solutions
  • Central Vacuums
  • Home Theater Design
  • Telephone Systems
  • Wired and Wireless Networking
  • Structured Wiring - Wiring for the Future.

Select Audio and Video, Inc. will integrate custom systems directly with the plans ofyou, the builder, your architect or interior designer. We will act as your project manager throughout the entire sales, design, and installation process. Our services include user training and long-term support. Build your homebuyer the dream home they've always wanted, and profit from the sophisticated technology solutions.  By partnering with us, you are positioned to financially benefit from electronic solutions.  As your respected technology provider, we have a proven formula for success, guaranteed to increase your bottom line.

The five stages of your project

We have developed an efficient five-step process for creating custom designed and installed systems:

1. System Design
We will set up a meeting with you in order to go over all the things you want from your custom system. We not only know what products best fit particular applications, we can often save you money by suggesting alternatives you might not have been aware of. Select Audio and Video, Inc. can also introduce you to technologies and products that will make using your system — and living in your home — much more relaxing and enjoyable. Once Select Audio and Video, Inc. thoroughly understands your unique requirements, we will design your system. Then we will review the design and identifies potential problems before your system is integrated into your home. Select Audio and Video, Inc. provides diagrams and system documentation that allow us to more efficiently install and service your system.

2. Decisions are made
When your system is decided upon and properly designed and engineered, Select Audio and Video, Inc. will work with your architect, general contractor, interior designer, electrical contractor and anyone else involved with your home.

3. Pre-wire
After you've decided the extent of the system you want installed, it's the job of Select Audio and Video, Inc. to make it happen. If your system is going in a new home under construction or in an existing home undergoing significant remodeling, the second phase is called the pre-wire. During this phase, the structured wiring (all the hidden wiring that forms the important infrastructure of your system) is run inside the walls before the sheet rock closes everything in. Select Audio and Video, Inc. has three testing phases to assure a trouble free installation.  All infrastructure wiring is tested at the end of this phase and all wiring is labeled accordingly.

4. Trim-out
Once the walls are up and the construction is finished, the installers return during the trim-out stage to complete the system by testing the wiring again and installing all the hardware (TVs, speakers, receivers, touch panels and keypads, etc.) that gets connected by the hidden wiring. If you're installing a system in an existing home — what's known as a retro-fit installation — the pre-wire and finish-out stages are often done at the same time.

5. System run-through
Installing your equipment is only part of the completion of your system. A new generation of touch screen learning remotes has revolutionized and simplified system operation. Select Audio and Video, Inc. can take multiple remote controls from different manufacturers and combine them into one, easy-to-use controller. Once the system is complete and tested we will then teach you how to operate and obtain the maximum enjoyment from your system.

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